Cross-Strauss Parklet Concept Plan

Following a community feedback session, the Studio for Spatial Practice produced a conceptual design for Cross-Strauss Parklet renovation.

July 1, 2022

Initial Concept Plan

Our cost-effective renovation plan was informed by community feedback and consultation with the Studio for Spatial Practice. It builds on the existing qualities of the park to enhance it's value to the community. The design also takes into account the diverse ages and ability ranges of parklet users.

Climbing structures encourage the development of gross motor skills (or, large muscle movements) for children of different age ranges, building their agility, balance, and coordination.

The bird's nest swing allows for solo or group play, and is a great tool for rough-and-tumble play. The seat accommodates uses of different abilities, with a large, supported round seat base for sitting or laying down.
Patterns and games set into the paving encourage free-form creative play. Chalkboards and interactive games are attached to the fencing. These make great use of both ground-level and standing space in the park.
Tables and chairs that are child-sized enable children to interact and socialize at their own scale. Kids can use them without climbing or being lifted up to reach, encouraging independent play.
Balancing and jumping is encouraged on the lily pads and balance beams that are set into the soft and durable safety surface. The equipment is sized appropriately for kids to take safe risks during play.
Spinners and carousels add innovation to the joy of spinning, and attract children of all ages and abilities. They help kids train a sense of balance, build muscle strength, and increase bone density.
Perimeter pollinator planting and shade trees create aromatic and colorful native plant displays, and offer shade to guardians, caregivers, and youth. They also contribute to local biodiversity! 
The renovated half basketball court will include fresh paving, repairing cracks and crumbles. Basketball is great exercise. Players get a cardio workout while improving their coordination, flexibility, and endurance.
The lawn area beside the half basketball court will include room to spread out on the grass, as well as sit in shaded seating under the trees. Seating will also be updated in the playground area.