We aim to develop accessible community assets and build generational wealth in the CSV.

In alignment with strategic priorities, our projects are designed to reduce the plight of low- and moderate-income families and improve the physical environment in the Charles Street Valley.

We build toward those outcomes by connecting residents and stakeholders to educational opportunities and resources, creating affordable housing opportunities, maintaining vacant lots, decreasing trash and litter, and advocating for solutions through the City of Pittsburgh and other partnerships.

Learn more about each of our projects below.

Cross-Strauss Parklet

Building on existing assets, this project addresses the need for play equipment, repairs, seating, shelter, and basic parklet amenities, including renovating the half basketball court.

Completed a Playground Study & Precedents

Hosted community input sessions on design

Finalized two designs for parklet upgrades

Vetted initial contractor bids and proposals

Fundraise the final $49,000 for full funding of the total project cost

N. Charles St. Infill Housing

The North Charles Street Infill Housing project will feature 21+ affordable single-family for-sale homes.

Identified vacant, city-owned parcels for the first phase of development

Received a hold from market letter from the URA

Submitted a Federal Home Loan Bank grant application

Secure funding for predevelopment phase

Explore options for guaranteed affordability over time

Explore options for increasing property value without negative impact

Greenway Planning

CSAC is developing a strategy for utilization of the city-designated Perry South Greenway on what used to be Harlan Avenue.

Met with Pittsburgh's Department of City Planning

Held a Greenways Info Session at SMG

Completed design for Harlan Ave Trail Loop

Understand stewardship processes and requirements

Activate our community greenway for public use

Choice Neighborhood

The Charles Street Area Council is an active member of the Allegheny Dwellings Choice Neighborhood steering committee.

Participated in resident surveys to understand needs

Informed residents about updates and opportunities

Attended meetings and amplified resident voices

Shared input about site selection and building plans

Actualize the transformation plan once approved by HUD