Our Approach

We are dedicated to improving the Charles Street Valley through community engagement, education and awareness, projects and programming, volunteerism, and fundraising. We know that to go far, we must go together; we value our partnerships with local residents, neighboring civic groups, local government, organizations and funders.








To engage in activities that positively empower residents by providing access to resources and services that aid individual self-sufficiency and revitalize the Charles Street Valley community.


A healthy community wherein every resident and stakeholder actively participates in its improvement, and people are connected to the Charles Street Valley's past and future.


Along North Charles Street from Brighton Road to Wilson Avenue including the surrounding area (including streets) eastward and westward to greenspaces on the Northside in Pittsburgh.

Community Engagement

The Charles Street Area Corporation aims to engage our community and keep people inspired to actively improve our neighborhood and surrounding communities. We work to raise awareness about relevant issues in the Charles Street Valley and create dialogue with residents to facilitate improvements. Community engagement opportunities are shared through our events calendar, social media, and local canvassing.

Education & Awareness

CSAC routinely creates and shares opportunities for residents to become more informed and gain new skills. For example, in partnership with NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, the Dorothy Mae Richardson Heartland Homebuyer Education Program offers free financial counseling and homebuyer certification to residents of the Charles Street Valley. We also share resources that individuals and families can benefit from, like the URA's Residential Façade Program.

Projects & Programs

The projects and programs developed by CSAC are designed to benefit low- and moderate-income families and improve the physical environment in the Charles Street Valley. In the tradition of our predecessors, CSAC is currently in the process of building 21 affordable homes in our community. Additionally, we're renovating the only playground in our neighborhood, and establishing an active greenway.