Cross-Strauss Parklet

Cross-Strauss Parklet sits on a quiet corner in Charles Street Valley away from the main road, making it an ideal space for children to play. Currently equipped with a playground and half basketball court, this community asset is well-loved, but in need of updates and repairs. Almost 30 years have passed without any significant improvements! 

$318k has been secured from community groups, foundations, corporate donors, individuals and support from the 2023 City Capital Budget. We need a little more support to reach our goal and give the children the investment they deserve.

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Under Construction!

As of July 2023, renovation has officially started at the Cross-Strauss Parklet! This project has been made possible by the investment of the Charles Street Valley community and its supporters.

The Site Plan

The proposed improvements detailed by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works have been approved! In Summer 2023, the Cross-Strauss Parklet will see new benches, safety surfaces, concrete paths, plants, picnic tables, and a renovated basketball court. Later phases of development will include a pavilion by the basketball court and, if funding is secured, pedestrian-scale lighting around the perimeter of the playground.

Stay Engaged

Want to receive updates from the City's Department of Public Works? Ask the Senior Landscape Architect a question? Keep tabs on the project timeline? Visit the City's Cross-Strauss Engage page!

Design Process

Past designs were informed by a community input processes in 2022 which consisted of 2 design charrettes, one community meeting, a survey and consultations with Eholdings, Real Design and Playscapes, a playground consultant. Residents voted on two final design options that built on the existing qualities of the park to enhance it's value to the community. The designs also took into account the diverse ages and ability ranges of parklet users, and allows space for programming and creative play and greenspace activation.

Help us make renovations happen!

This beloved playground and half basketball court in the heart of the Charles Street Valley is a safe, easy-to-access gathering place for families; but Cross Strauss Parklet is in need of repair to be suitable for recreational fun and health and wellness programming. 

We have $318,000 already in place, and we need your help to raise the final $49,000 ($95,000 with lighting)!