CSAC 2022 Year in Review

As we embark upon a new year with resilience, determination and hope, we must reflect on all that we've accomplished in 2022. We couldn't have done it without you!

January 19, 2023

Home Ownership & Finance

The Dorothy Mae Richardson Heartland Homebuyer Education Program offered free financial counseling and homebuyer certification to residents in partnership with NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, and our team made significant strides with our Infill Housing project.

3 participants purchased homes- 2 on the Northside

2 participants are on-track to purchase homes within 12 - 18 months

1 CSV resident moved from subsidized housing into market rate rental

CSAC finalized a plan for CSAC's affordable for-sale housing development

Secured a $100,000 pre-development loan approval from the NCD Fund

Beautification & Maintenance

Advocacy and volunteerism from residents, board members, and friends of the Charles Street Valley continued to push forward for quality-of-life improvements to our neighborhood environment, including:

4 waste receptacles placed along North Charles Street maintained by DPW

Pruning, planting, and clean-up at the Bright-Chuck Point gateway garden

City-owned vacant lot maintenance on N. Charles St & along Irwin St

Community Planning

With community input at the center of our development efforts, Charles Street Area Corp. has worked diligently to plan, design, coordinate, and fundraise for projects that will transform Charles Street Valley.

Conducted The Blueprint survey for resident feedback via The Commons

Received Registered Community Organization designation from City Planning

Finalized design for Cross-Strauss Parklet and fundraised $182,000

Neighborhood Events

Our work wouldn't be complete without opportunities to have fun and connect with our neighbors. In addition to community meetings, we came together to have fun and celebrate.

Families (40+ people) attended the holiday light show at Pittsburgh Zoo

Our year-end celebration included toy giveaways for 100+ youth!

Let's keep this momentum going in 2023!

We hope you will join us in building and enjoying the bright future of Charles Street Valley. Please volunteer, donate or partner with us to build a better and thriving community.