Renovation Has Started at Cross-Strauss!

With community-informed design revisions complete, the City has started renovating the Cross-Strauss Parklet.

July 12, 2023

Under Construction

After years of advocacy and fundraising, it's finally happening! The Cross-Strauss Parklet is under construction. Old play equipment, safety surfaces, paths, and pavement are being removed to make room for enhancements.

Renovations will happen in a couple of phases. The first phase will be completed this summer, and will include new benches, safety surfaces, concrete paths, plants, picnic tables, and a renovated basketball court.

CSAC and our partners have secured $318,000 in funding to pay for these upgrades, and need to raise $49,000 more to cover the initial project costs.

Hearing from members of the community, we determined that there was also a need for new lighting around the parklet. So, the City has included in its plans a future phase of development to install new lighting once funds are secured. A pavilion will also be built by the basketball court!

The lighting will cost an additional $46,000 to implement, bringing our fundraising goal to $95,000. We know we can get this done! Donate here.

The City broke ground at the Cross-Strauss Parklet in June. The park is expected to reopen this summer. $95,000 is still needed to fully fund the project!